Hi, I'm Elke D'haese.

I love exploring visual language and working with both colour and expression,
resulting in the creation of strong visual content.

I started my career with graphic & motion design work in Brussels.
While working in a high-end post-production company;
my passion for audiovisual content grew as well as my skills in the field.
I learned both the technical and creative aspects 
of video editing and compositing.

I can help you at every step of the way in the post-production process of your video.
At the end of the day I'm all about creating lovely things with great people.

If you would like to work with me, please feel free to contact me.


 | Based in the beautiful city of Aalst, Belgium | 
 | Studied Visual Arts - Digital Design at Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst Gent | 
 | Passionate by video, film, art, design, meatballs, turtles & travelling | 
 | Likes to be challenged | 

Worked freelance for Who Killed Joe?, Caviar, TBWA, CZAR, Medialaan, Adult, Moxy, Crossing Zebra, FledgeTV, Wunderman, Happiness, ...


| online & offline editing |
| motion design |
VFX Design, compositing |
(set supervision, keying, greenscreen, tracking, retouche, object removal, beauty,...)

Software I use

| After Effects Premiere Davinci Resolve Mistika VR |
Photoshop Lightroom Illustrator Indesign |